Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mohican State Park & Pleasant Hill Dam

On June 10, we visited Mohican State Park in Loudonville, Ohio so my husband could do some fishing on the Clear Fork River and so I could take some photos. I captured the usual landmarks – the covered bridge and the Pleasant Hill Dam. There were many great blue herons fishing in the area which seemed to indicate that there were quite a few fish to be had. My husband caught many sunfish and was rewarded by catching his first brown trout. Sadly, while catching that brown trout, his fishing rod broke. Luckily, he brought a backup rod and continued to fish. Right before catching the brown trout I saw movement in the wooded area near the trail to the dam, and was surprised to see an American Mink who posed for a minute for a photo before jumping into the water and swimming away. Here are a few photos from our visit.

(Note: Sadly, two teens drowned in the dam spillway area this past weekend. The water levels were far higher than they were when we fished the area. There are warning signs posted in the area and even when water levels are low, the area directly outside that spillway can be highly dangerous and should be avoided. )

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