Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Northeast Ohio Icy March Storm

Over the last 24 hours, we had some very icy weather here. Last night was the worst, with a literal downpour of sleet. By morning, my car, which was parked outside in my driveway, was completely coated with thick ice. All but one of of my car doors were frozen shut.

The sun came out for a few minutes. It made the ice on the trees more visible. Here’s two shots of the ice on some pine branches.

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Mary MCK said...

Hello Chris,
Loved the video of the Lumen Reunion. Thank you for sharing the adventure, for those of us unable to attend this past one, it really helped not to feel left out of the fun! Was really a treat to walk the Halls of Lumen and draw upon memories so precious to this graduate from the Class of 1970!

Your videos are fabulous...veiwed all of them!
Keep well, God Bless and we are indeed a family of Lumen Cordium....Mary Kalabiha Class of 1970

Chris Zimmer said...

Mary, thanks for coming here and for looking at the videos. I remember you very well! I'll let my sister Jeanne know that you stopped by.