Friday, June 12, 2009

Not a Rainbow, But A Circumhorizontal Arc?

I was clearing out some photo files from this past April, and I noticed a picture that I took while at Mentor Headlands State Park on a sunny day. There were patches of high cirrus clouds, and the sun was at an angle where it created what some would call a rainbow, but since there was no rain it’s really an arc. It may have been a circumhorizontal arc (rather that a circumzenithal arc) because it was a little after noon and the sun was very high in the sky. If anyone out that can confirm which one it might be from the photo below, I would appreciate hearing from you. Unfortunately, the wide view photo of the full sky that I took of this optical phenomenon was a little too washed out from the bright sun and the glaring cirrus clouds, making the expanse of the colors in the cloud very hard to see. The colors are very obvious in the "zoomed" photo below.

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