Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Colonial Williamsburg

Governor's Palace (entry from garden)
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We made a trip to Williamsburg, Virginia at the end of June, and spent a lot of time taking in the sights in Colonial Williamsburg. One of my favorite places to see is the Governor’s Palace and its beautiful gardens. Also very enjoyable are the homes of Peyton Randolph and George Wythe. Randolph House is reported to be haunted, and when our tour of the house was over, we asked one of the guides about the ghost in the house. He seemed annoyed at first that we asked the question and then said he didn’t believe in that stuff, but later admitted that one of the bedrooms upstairs was a little creepy. (We didn't see anything.)

Here is a video slide show of some of the high points of Colonial Williamsburg, of which there are many. We happened to be in Wythe House for a gentleman's impromptu performance on an old spinet (included at the end of the video below). We were also lucky that the British “Redcoats” were in town for some interesting re-enactments; they had tents set up for their army and they conducted some drills. We missed the American Revolutionary Army by a week. Of course, every American knows how the Revolutionary Army's meeting with those pesky Redcoats ultimately ended.

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