Thursday, September 3, 2009

Taunted By A Deer

We have a small herd of deer that stop by the yard every few days. They like to eat the apples that have fallen off the apple tree. One doe recently had children so now two fawns come along with her, and they have been growing steadily.

But, sometimes the apples are not enough for them, and the adults decide to snack on seed from our bird feeder. Our feeder is squirrel and large bird proofed, but the deer have figured out that if they tip the feeder with their nose they can get some of the seed to fall out onto their tongue.

Yesterday, one deer was being particularly persistent with trying to empty the bird feeder. Despite the fact that she seemed to respond to the word “SHOO!” she also seems to think that the word means “Ignore the lady yelling at you and keep eating.” She stepped away from the feeder for a minute, and then, seemingly aware that I had my camera pointed at her, decided to lick her lips to taunt me before she walked right back to the feeder to keep eating. I swear she was laughing at me.

The new family, picture taken a few weeks ago in a neighboring yard

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