Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lake-Effected and Snow-Belted

November and December gave us only scant snowfall totals as a few big snowstorms and the normal Lake Erie snow machine had missed our area of northeast Ohio. But so far this January, it seems the lake has turned on the switch full throttle. Those of us living in the primary “snow belt,” which is known for its heavy snowfalls, are finally making up this week for what we missed this season.

It’s hard to take a photo in the snow without it looking like a black and white photo, so when I took my snowy walk around the yard, I tried to capture even the slightest bit of color I could find. There wasn’t much. I did manage to catch a large fox squirrel mid-leap as it was running for cover, although the heavy snowfall at the time makes him look a little blurry.

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