Monday, October 25, 2010

Chair Factory Falls, Lake Metroparks

Chair Factory Falls in Concord Township, Ohio is a new section of the Lake Metroparks system, and the trail officially opened only a few weeks ago. The falls got its name from a chair factory in the area that used the water, via a waterwheel, to power the lathes at the factory. The factory is long gone, having burned down over 100 years ago.

The area, containing the waterway, waterfalls, and many trees, was acquired by Lake Metroparks earlier this year. The 4.5 acre parcel was donated by Laura MacMillan Crago, Johanna Bates, and Julia MacMillan in memory of George V. Bates, III and Susan Bates MacMillan. The path to the waterfall is off the main Greenway Corridor trail, and the falls trail winds through the trees literally within a few hundred feet of busy I-90. The trail is a short .3 miles long, but the hill to the falls may be considered too steep for some, and the noise from I-90 may annoy others. But it is worth the short walk down. My husband and I decided to visit over the weekend for some photos. While it’s been a little dry here lately, the falls still looked lovely. We hear that after heavy rains, the roar of the water will drown out the freeway.

Here are a few photos and a short video from our visit. (Click on any photo for a larger view.)

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RedDogMama said...

Hey, Sis.... Did you know that there is a geocache here!!!!

Chris Zimmer said...

@RedDogMama - no I did not. If it's near the falls, it's down a steep trail!