Thursday, October 23, 2014

Partial Solar Eclipse in Ohio

Here are some photos I took today of the partial solar eclipse at Mentor Headlands Beach in Mentor, Ohio. The sun was nearing its peak of the partial eclipse as the sun was reaching the horizon, and it dropped into thin clouds.(Click on any image for a larger view.)

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RedDogMama said...

Beautiful shot, Sis! Thanks for sharing. Didn't even know we were going to have one. I guess it was partially visible here in Sacramento.

We were up at 3:55 am (getting ready to fly to Connecticut) when they had the lunar eclipse on October 8th. Otherwise we would have been sleeping.

Chris Zimmer said...

At the time of the lunar eclipse, all the weather people said it would be too cloudy to see so we didn't get up to watch. But, the forecast was wrong and the sky cleared out and by the time we went out to see it, it was too low in the sky and behind some trees. Oh well. Looking forward to the TOTAL SOLAR eclipse that will be in our area of the country in April 2024!