Sunday, November 15, 2015

Orion and Planets Shine Bright

There were some high, wispy clouds in the sky before dawn, but there were enough gaps to get some quick star and planet photos this morning. Sun rise was about 2 hours away,  but there was some light from the sun hitting the clouds high in the atmosphere, plus ambient light from ground level. This gave the clouds - barely visible to the eye - some lovely color with the long exposure. It’s a great time of year to see Orion in the southern sky, and I was lucky that Jupiter, Mars, and Venus were visible in the eastern sky. Here are a few photos. These pictures are single images (not stacked photos), all taken with a wide aperture and a 30 second exposure.

The constellation Orion is visible, identified by the three stars that comprise the "belt.")

(Jupiter is near the center of the photo, with Mars and Venus below and slightly left.The tree in the following photos appear green from light being cast by a nearby outdoor light fixture.)

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Chris Zimmer said...

Hey Chris, My dad sent me this link to your blog page. Keep on shooting for the stars! I noticed the constellation Orion in your Jupiter sky shots, cool. Like was that a 20 second exposure at ASA 12,800?

Chris E. Zimmer
www.chriszimmer dot com

Chris Zimmer said...

Hi Chris! Believe it or not, this was shot at 1SO 200, I think it was f3.8, and it was a 30 second exposure. I did bump up the exposure a bit when I processed the RAW file. I was surprised it came out!

PS - I actually visit your site often; it pops up every now and then on my Google Alerts. You do splendid work!