Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Great Egret at Grand River Landing

Today we visited the Grand River Landing Park in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, part of the Lake Metroparks. The temps were in the upper 60s and going higher so it was perfect for a walk near the river. As we drove into the park, I saw a large white bird standing near the water in a small area away from the river itself. It was a Great Egret.  We quickly parked the car and hoped the bird would stay put until we could get nearer for a better view.  As we walked closer,  it flew up into a nearby tree and posed for several minutes and then flew off to the other side of the river.  Even though we were still far away, we were likely still too close for comfort for that huge bird!   Here are a few photos from the park, including one of that lovely bird.

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