Sunday, April 24, 2016

Lake Metroparks: Blair Road & Paine Falls Parks

We visited two small parks in the Lake Metroparks today: The Blair Road Park (Perry, Ohio) and the Paine Falls Park (Leroy, Ohio). Both are small parks yet still enjoyable. The Blair Road park only has room for about 10 cars, and on a Sunday morning, the park was half full with cars, likely for people fishing the nearby Grand River. The trail to the river is short and there is plenty of room to walk along the banks of the Grand River. This walk is best done with hiking shoes/boots, as the area around the river can be muddy after a rain and the terrain can be uneven or rocky in spots. There weren’t many leaves on the trees at this time, but this park likely will be lush and green in a few weeks.

Just a short drive away is Paine Falls Park, which provides a nice view of the lovely falls. There is a stairway to the falls observation deck for easy access. Here are a few photos from today’s visit to both parks.

Shale cliffs along The Grand River

The Grand River

Paine Falls

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