Friday, February 24, 2017

Girdled Road Reservation Suspension Bridge

Temperatures are unseasonably warm for February – it was already 74 degrees by noon here in Northeast Ohio. We decided to visit the Girdled Road Reservation, part of Lake Metroparks, and check out the suspension walking bridge over Big Creek. The hike to the bridge is a little over a half mile from the parking lot, and one segment is down a steep trail. Walking down is not a big problem, but be prepared for the steep walk back up! Thankfully, I bring along my husband who can assist in carrying the heavy camera gear when coming back up the steep trail.

I also didn’t brave the walk over the suspension bridge. It’s only a little over a year old so it is in tip-top shape, but the wobbly bridge deck can pose a problem for those prone to motion sickness (like me) or don’t have a steady gait. My husband did walk out a short way. While I was taking pictures, a runner ran over the bridge at full speed and that bridge deck was moving up and down like crazy. I am surprised the runner kept his balance! Still, the bridge allows for access across the river and to more trails throughout this huge park.

Here are a few photos of the bridge!

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