Thursday, March 16, 2017

Cleveland Lighthouse Becomes an Ice Castle – Again!

In December 2010, the Cleveland Harbor West lighthouse was encased in ice due to high winds, big waves, and bitter cold. (I wrote about that event on my blog at this link: ”Cleveland Lighthouse Becomes an Ice Castle “.)

The weather conditions were similar this year – maybe not as bitterly cold – and the lighthouse froze over again. Wanting another chance to photograph it, we headed to the Lake Erie shore on the west harbor of the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio. While the coating of ice on the lighthouse did not appear as thick as it was in 2010, and there was no ice at all on Lake Erie today, it was still a beautiful sight. The color of the icy lighthouse seemed to change with the amount of sunlight; as a small cloud passed overhead, the ice coating became a dull gray. In the bright light, it looked very white, with just hints of a cream color. Despite the sun, it was very cold and very windy, making it hard to take a quiet video. I thought I’d share it anyway, along with some photos, including one of the old Coast Guard Station which stands nearby.

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