Saturday, January 3, 2009

A June Thunderstorm, Part 2

While I was sorting through my computer files, doing a year-end cleanup and backup of my pictures and videos, I found an unnamed video file. It was in my weather video files for 2007, so I figured it was some weather event that I recorded two summers ago and decided it wasn’t worth even giving it a name.

When I looked at the video, I was surprised to see it was the second half of a video of a thunderstorm that passed through in June of 2007. I had already uploaded the video of the first half to YouTube and must have either completely forgotten about the second half, or figured that no one would want to watch two more minutes of wind and rain. But what surprised me was that while it was the same storm, there was one big difference – the winds in the second video had made a huge shift and were coming from the exact opposite direction that was in the first half of the storm. (Part 1 had winds coming out of the south; part 2 had the winds coming out of the north.) I decided to upload the second half of the video so all my weather-junkie friends can enjoy seeing the big shift in wind direction from this one strong storm.

Here’s Part 2, just added today. Winds are coming from the north

And here’s Part 1, which was added in June of 2007. Winds are coming from the south

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