Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Morning Fox Surprise

When we woke up early this morning, a brief period of snow was moving in. Despite the fact that it was about 4:30 AM and the cloud cover was thick, it looked very bright outside from the light being reflected from the snow. The snow was sticking to the trees and looked beautiful, so I thought I would try to take a picture in the low light to try to capture the sight. I left all the lights in the house off so there would be no light glare on the window. But, the camera setting I used didn’t leave the shutter open long enough, so my first attempt came out too dark. I adjusted the camera shutter speed to leave it open longer. As I snapped another photo, I was surprised to see a fox trotting through the yard. I hoped that as I snapped another shot that I would be able to capture it in the picture. I was even more surprised when a second fox appeared and followed the first one through the yard. As I continued to snap the pictures, I remembered that I had the camera set so the shutter would stay open longer, which probably meant my pictures would only show a blur where the fox were running.

Sure enough, when I looked at the photos, that’s exactly what happened – no fox, just a blur. But, lucky for me, when I looked at the first picture I took that was too dark, I could see the faint image of a fox. By lightening the picture a bit – which was virtually black mind you – I got my reward. Standing back by the fence, was one of the fox. I thought I’d share the picture with you. It looks a bit grainy from the low light, but you can still see the fox standing near the fence, waiting to make a move!

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