Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cleveland’s Innerbelt Bridge Time Lapse Video

Things have been a little slow on my other blogs so I decided to create this time lapse video of Cleveland’s I-90 Innerbelt Bridge, showing all the traffic on the bridge and the activity around it. It is a compilation of many video segments taken over a 24 hour period on December 3-4, 2009. The bridge crosses the Cuyahoga River and is a major connector to I-77 and I-71. This view is from the northeast end, looking towards the southwest. (The city skyline can’t be seen as it is behind the camera.)

Some things to watch for: the Lorain-Carnegie (AKA Hope Memorial) Bridge is on the right side at the center; at about 1:11 a brightly glowing mystery vehicle drives under the bridge and stops on the left; just before the two-minute mark, a barge on the Cuyahoga River enters at the center right, and can barely be seen exiting in the same area at about 2:50; the Cuyahoga River is more visible when the sun causes the water to sparkle at about 2:40. Also, the pyramid-looking objects are piles of crushed stone, and at times, an optical illusion makes it appear that the cars are moving backwards at high speed. Various trains can also be seen moving in an out of the left center.

Concerns about the deteriorating bridge structure has barred truck traffic from the bridge, and some lanes and ramps had been closed to all traffic. The bridge recently had those lanes and ramps re-opened to car traffic. Plans to replace this span are in progress.

So, for your enjoyment, is my video of the “day in the life” of this major Cleveland artery.

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Sara said...

Chris, what a great talent you have. That was so fun to watch although I must admit that I had to slow it down several times to catch the details. In fact, I never saw the barge--I will go back and look again. In a way, this reminds me of the Thomas the Train playset that my boys had when they were little. Since Cleveland is poised to be the New York City of the Midwest (according to the NY Times) you will have to share more videos of this up and coming metropolis.

Sara said...

You may have a future with the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce.

Chris Zimmer said...

Yes, that barge is hard to spot. In fact, I completely missed that it was even there while I was recording the footage because it moves soooo slllooow that it looked like part of the scenery. Speeded up, though, I was able to catch it. Watch the area to the right, look by the green freeway signs, and you should spot it slipping right behind. Hope that helps! (It's almost impossible to see it leave because of the sun glare.)