Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Nice Day at the Beach – Or Was It?

It’s getting close to 70 degrees here in Northeast Ohio today, and considering it’s early March, the warmth is welcome. On a day like today, what better thing to do than head to the local beach? Despite the wind – which always makes things interesting at Mentor Headlands State Park – I packed up the camera and took a short drive to the beach. Lake Erie did not freeze over this winter and we got very little snow, which is unusual here in the “snow belt.” There was only a handful of people walking in the park, and the beach itself was deserted, so I felt as if I had the place to myself.

The sky was mostly blue with some scattered light cirrus clouds, and the winds were brisk, just enough to get the sand going and make me feel like I was being sandblasted. I took some photos and didn’t stick around too long.

But, when I got home and looked at the photos, I was surprised to find that somehow I switched the camera over to manual and almost all of the photos were overexposed! With a little help from my friendly photo editing software, I brought the photos back to life. I was surprised to find that the photos looked better when converted to black and white, although they do look somewhat ominous.  Here are a few photos, some in color and some black and white, of Mentor Headlands State Park on this unusually warm early March day.

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OhSusannah said...

What nice textured photos you've taken!I wondered if it wasn't snow at first.I live in eastern Canada.Its 0 C right now, with snow on the ground. I live right around corner from the Atlantic Ocean.Can't wait for warmer weather and longer days..

Chris Zimmer said...

It's funny, but when I converted some of those photos to B&W I thought it looked like snow too, which really is more of what the beach would look like in Feb/March. I wish I could send some of this warm weather up your way!