Saturday, January 24, 2015

Chagrin River Park: Man-Made Beauty

The sun finally came out after what seemed like an endless streak of gloomy weather. We decided to take a walk in Chagrin River Park, which is part of the Lake Metroparks. There was still plenty of snow cover so there wasn’t much to see except a frozen Chagrin River, bare trees, and dormant vegetation.  I decided to try to find something visually interesting in the man-made scenery in and around the park. The pedestrian bridge makes for a nice view of the Chagrin River, but it was the bridge itself that stood out from all the ice and snow. The stairs to the sledding area brought some visual interest to the blank white of the hill. And, the nearby towers for the high tension power lines looked like metal giants walking through the cold, open space. Here are a few photos.

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