Friday, November 9, 2007

High Speed Ohio Freeway Drive

I sometimes have to make a trip down I-90 and I-271, from Mentor to Bedford, and back again. Now that the gray days of winter seem to be upon us, I find myself wishing for the trip to be faster simply because the trip can get dull. And, it seems like the “express lanes” should be renamed the “slow truck lanes”, because they often slow down everything and make the express lanes, well, less than express.

So I decided to run the camera on the dashboard for the trip. Don’t worry, both hands were on my steering wheel and I didn’t go over the speed limit…much! I took the resulting film and speed it up 1000%. It takes a 24-minute trip and compressed it to about 2-1/2 minutes. You’ll see the results at the YouTube clip. Hold on for that last turn.

Sorry for the lack of color in the video. I wasn’t kidding about the gray days of winter!

Music is by Khachaturian.

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1 comment:

Riley said...

Absolutely hilarious, especially since I know you hate driving! Great soundtrack too! And Chris, you're a great writer!