Monday, November 12, 2007

Looking Back: The Snowstorm of November 1996

During this same time in 1996, northeast Ohio was getting hit with a freakish winter storm. We’re used to lake effect snows, but this one was an event.

It started on November 9th, 1996, with icy, heavy snow, and lots of it. As a result, tree limbs snapped all across the area, causing a huge power outage to over 150,000 households. We had no power for 36 hours. Luckily we had a fireplace, but sadly not much wood to burn. When it was time to go to work on Monday, we welcomed it like never before, simply because they had heat and warm water.

The days went on, and the snow continued to come, covering a narrow band east of Cleveland. While some areas got virtually no snow, we measured over a foot a day for 4 days in a row. It seemed like it would never stop. Oddly, the municipal snow removal teams did a great job in keeping the roads clear, despite the fact that they may have been running out of room to put the stuff. Driving down the streets was like driving in tall, white tunnels.

For some reason, I only have a few pictures and one short video. I think after a while it just became too white to get any images that were worthwhile. Here’s the short video clip that was taken the day before the storm ended (November 14). You can clearly see huge stacks of snow that fell on some stone pillars by our front walkway.

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