Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Gang of Goldfinch

It was a busy week so I am a little slow in posting some pictures taken last weekend.

My husband was staring out the kitchen window when he saw a huge bird feather fall from the sky. When he went outside to see if the bird was visible, all he found was an 8” long feather from either a red shouldered hawk or a marsh hawk. We have a few of each that hang around the yard quite a bit.

When he looked up towards a dead tree that is off to one side of the yard, he noticed six male goldfinch perched high up in the tree, dead still, as if they knew the hawk was still in the area and didn’t want to become its lunch. But, at this time of year the male goldfinch are colored a very bright yellow, so they are hard to hide. Lucky for me that they stuck around for a few minutes in that tree so I could grab a few pictures.

6 Golfinch
(The one round spot on one of the branches was another tiny bird which later hovered over us like a hummingbird.)

Male goldfinch

One male goldfinch on the attack

A downy woodpecker also decided to hang out after the goldfinches left

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