Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Moon, Jupiter, and Its Moons (Photos)

Today’s early morning sky was crystal clear and the setting moon was full. Just to the left of the moon was a bright object that was likely a planet. I got out my camera to take a few photographs before I researched which planet I was seeing.

Imagine my surprise when I viewed the photos on my computer to find that the planet- Jupiter – was also surrounded by a few of its moons. Granted, the shot shows a slight “trail” from the movement cause by the earth’s rotation and my long camera exposure, but it is still amazing to see the moons so clearly despite the brightness of the full moon.

I got another surprise when I looked at a photo of a random grouping of stars to the west and saw a faint streak in the image of the sky. I think I captured a meteor!

The Moon, with Jupiter at upper left

Jupiter and its Moons

Faint meteor at bottom left

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Omochao said...

We saw Jupiter very clearly during my holiday in Finland, and my Dad noticed the moons then, thanks for the comfirmation!