Friday, August 21, 2009

Thunderstorms Bring Ominous Clouds

We had two thunderstorms move through yesterday, the first bringing some dramatic clouds with the rain, the second very tumultuous with very heavy rain and winds. We lost a huge branch from our apple tree that was loaded with apples. I think the weight of the branch was too much for it to withstand the heavy winds.

As the first storm moved through, some very ominous, swirling clouds appeared. In one case, rain falling high in the sky was very evident as some breaks in the clouds appeared. I included many photos from the first storm below. I took video from the second storm, which brought lightning, thunder, and lots of swirling wind and rain. Stay tuned, that should follow in a few days.

But as the first storm moved through and the sky cleared, I noticed that one of the pictures had a very tiny black dot in it. Magnifying the image many times, I saw another black dot behind it in the same field of view. I am not quite sure what they are. Could it be two birds that got caught up in the tail of the storm? Since these objects were very high up in the sky, if they were birds, they had to be very big to show up in the image. I included those pictures below in case anyone has any other ideas as to what they could be. Did my camera catch my second “UFO” in less than a week - or just big birds or weird storm debris?

The storm moves in

Rain falling high in the sky

More Clouds

View of sky as "black objects" appear

Close up of black objects. Birds flying through the tail of storm, or something else?

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