Monday, September 13, 2010

A Great Blue Heron, Beautiful Scenery, Pleasant Weather!

It was a beautiful day – blue skies, comfortable temperatures – so I decided to head out to one of our local parks to catch some of the beautiful scenery and enjoy the weather. The light was just right and made for some interesting, abstract-looking photos of the lily pads on one of the ponds.

There was also a Great Blue Heron that dropped in to do some fishing, and despite the fact that a large group of kids from the nearby school descended on the area, the heron seemed indifferent to all the noise. In fact, it let me get close enough for some nice photos. (While the heron looks large an imposing when viewed from the side, it looks rather spindly and delicate when viewed face on.)

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sabrinamantle said...

Hey which park is this? Saw your video of Headlands Beach because we are thinking of taking a trip up in that area and would love to hear about any cool nature sites or things to photograph. We love taking nature shots (yours are quite nice by the way) and industrial/antique stuff.

Chris Zimmer said...

It's Veterans Park in Mentor Ohio, not too far from Mentor Headlands State Park. Lots of chances to photograph nature here. Birds are in the process of migrating so the chances to get pics of the bigger birds is diminishing right now!