Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Hawk and Pine Siskin Visit

I was treated to a visit by a juvenile red-tailed hawk and a pine siskin today, both in the yard at just about the same time. The hawk had nabbed some tasty treat – probably a bird – and was busy tearing it apart, gulping it down in fairly large chunks. I snapped a picture through the window, figuring the minute I stepped outside the hawk would be gone. Sure enough, by the time I got outside, the hawk appeared to be cleaning his beak on the wooden fence, and took off the minute I was in view. I walked over to the spot where the hawk was dining and there was only a faint hint of feathers left.

The pine siskin was waiting in our oak tree near the bird feeder, sitting very still. It began to chatter quite loudly the minute the hawk left the area; I assume it was giving the “all clear”. Unlike the skittish hawk, the pine siskin posed for a few picture for me. Pine siskins are beginning to visit our yard much more frequently these days - we used to only see them rarely in previous years.
Here are pictures of both of my guests.

Red-tailed Hawk

Pine Siskin

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