Friday, April 24, 2009

Lightning In The Early Morning

A thunderstorm rolled in very early this morning. Although the sky was beginning to show faint light in the east, it was still very dark out west from where the storm approached, making it a perfect time to get a few lightning photos. Remember, if you are going to attempt lightning photos, make sure you stay protected as lightning can strike nearby, even when it looks like it is far away. Of course, you also need longer shutter speeds on your camera, plus lots of patience and luck that the lightning will flash while your camera is taking the picture. Out of 58 pictures taken, here’s the two that looked the best.

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Harry said...

Thanks Chris,

We were out of town and received email on the road. Great pictures! Do you have any in higher quality that could be enlarged?

Thanks again, Harry and Pam

Chris Zimmer said...

Harry, the larger versions are on their way to you via email! Chris